Frequently Asked Questions

Question about renting

– Registering temporary residence at the Building Management Department: need to prepare documents: rental contract, identity card or original passport. Documents will be sent to the Receptionist to check with the building.

– Register for temporary residence for regional security:

  • For Vietnamese tenants: ID card, Demographic declaration form, notice of change of population, rental contract
  • For Foreign tenants: Visa, passport, Demographic declaration for foreigners, rental contract

If your name is dropped from the building’s temporary residence registration system, then your Visa has expired and is considered an illegal temporary stay, then you need to contact the Board of Directors immediately. building manager to inform you of your situation and as well as contact the visa extension service, for visa extension procedures. At the same time, provide an appointment letter to the Management Board as well as the regional police about the date of your new visa appointment

DanaProperty.Vn – 08 Le Huu Trac, Son Tra, Da Nang

DanaProperty.Vn is the largest Visa extension center in the region. Simple renewal procedure, quick renewal time, professional staff.

In addition to visa extension, Danaproperty also provides services for foreigners such as: applying for a business license, completing marriage registration procedures, buying and selling real estate for foreigners.

When you move into the apartment, there is damage to the furniture or the electronic equipment inside the apartment. So who do you need to contact to solve and repair for you?

– For wall-mounted furniture: these are the items that are completed by the investor: air conditioner, oven, electric stove, hood, InterCall system. Please make a phone number after having a problem

Receptionist department hotline

Technical department hotline 

– For removable furniture: TV, washing machine, dryer, electrical appliances used in the kitchen: rice cooker, electric kettle, microwave oven, …

Then the Owner will provide supplier information to support the product warranty

  • Rent bicycles and motorbikes: DanaProperty.Vn: 0905201088
  • Laundry service: Eco wash hotline: 0819474341. Delivery service and hand-delivered when finished
  • Book tour : DanaProperty.Vn : 0905201088

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